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About our Caramels Gourmet Caramels in many delicious varieties.
Slow cooked in copper kettles with fresh, premium local ingredients, they might be the finest caramels you’ll ever taste. We have long since lost track of the people that have told us so. Click to see all of our delicious varieties of caramels.

About our Nougat AvenueSweets signature Nougat.
So, just what is nougat? A traditional European confection that dates back centuries. AvenueSweets has combined the old and new world into our signature nougat. The result is a soft, chewy nougat that has a subtle, sweet taste that is absolutely irresistible and will keep you craving more.

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AvenueSweets famously delicious gourmet caramels, handcrafted nougat, delicious brittle and wholesome nuts are not only scrumptious treats for yourself, but also perfect as gifts. Our caramels are made in small batches with the freshest, local ingredients then slow cooked in copper kettles the old fashioned way. AvenueSweets offers ten delicious varieties of gourmet caramels along with a host of other varieties of caramels available for special order. You can see the ten varieties of caramels we craft daily here. Click here to see our special order varieties of caramels.

AvenueSweets handcrafted, signature nougat is a traditional European confection that dates back many centuries with variations throughout much of Europe, particularly the southern European countries of Italy, France and Spain. At AvenueSweets, crafting our nougat is a precision process that requires just the right ingredients, temperature and time. With tastes rooted both in Europe and America, AvenueSweets has merged the Old and New World into our signature nougat. The result is a soft, chewy nougat that has a subtle, sweet taste that is absolutely irresistible.

Perfectly packaged, AvenueSweets delicious caramels and nougat make wonderful gifts for friends, family, employees and clients. At AvenueSweets, we have many beautiful gift options available in a variety of gift sizes and prices. Smaller gifts include our 1/2 lb. gift boxes available in five different colors. AvenueSweets also offers 1 lb. gift boxes in five different colors. Our popular, best selling 1.5 lb. Gift Towers are also available in five different colors. Perfectly priced and beautifully packaged our 1.5 lb. gift tower can be filled with up to three different varieties of caramels and nougat. AvenueSweets also offers gift pails, gift tins, gift baskets and many other gift options.

For your company, we offer many gift options that can incorporate your company logo into the packaging. We can also create custom gift cards that include your company logo. AvenueSweets offers generous discounts for large orders.

If you are interested in selling AvenueSweets caramels or nougat, visit the wholesale information portion of our website. AvenueSweets handcrafted gourmet caramels and signature nougat are available pre-packaged and in bulk (to be sold individually by the piece). We also offer a drop ship program for our gourmet caramels, signature nougat and gourmet gifts.

If you have any questions about AvenueSweets caramels, nougat or anything else, visit the FAQ section of our website or feel free to contact us during business hours, Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm Mountain Time at 800 715 3380.